E-Bike Battery Prices- What Can I Expect to Pay?

For those buying a new e-bike, a replacement battery or considering building an electric bike, knowing how much e-bike batteries cost is crucial. Batteries are usually the most expensive component on an electric bicycle.

E-bike battery prices are between about $300-$700 for a typical battery size of 400Wh to 600Wh from a quality battery brand like Bosch. It’s possible to get cheaper batteries from non-name brand suppliers of varying quality.

Read on for more details on typical battery prices from reputable e-bike battery suppliers like Bosch, Panasonic, Brose, Shimano, and Yamaha. We’ll also explore some more options that you may like to consider, such as building your own battery pack.

Bosch E-Bike Battery Prices

Bosch is one of the best-known e-bike battery suppliers on the market. They are world renown for supplying top-quality products that will last for many years of use.

When you purchase a Bosch battery, not only are you getting a brand name product, you’re getting high-quality lithium-ion cells, an intelligent battery management system (BMS) which helps to keep the batteries in good health, maximizing their lifespan by avoiding overheating and the manufacturer’s warranty.

Several Bosch batteries are compatible with a dual battery configuration for the most demanding of biking scenarios, delivering up to a massive 1,250 Watt-hours. If you plan on hauling cargo frequently, carrying kids on a cargo bike, using your e-MTB in the mountains, or taking long tours on your electric bike, this can be a great option to greatly extend your electric assist driving range.

Battery NameMounting type[1]Voltage[2]Capacity[3]Energy content WeightSizePrice[4]
Bosch PowerPack 400 – FrameFrame36V11.0 Ah400 Wh5.5 lbs325 x 92 x 90 mm$300
Bosch PowerPack 400 – RackRack36V11.0 Ah400 Wh5.7 lbs372 x 122 x 80 mm$360
Bosch PowerPack 500 – FrameFrame36V13.4 Ah500 Wh5.7lbs325 x 92 x 90 mm$470
Bosch PowerPack 500 – RackRack36V13.4 Ah500 Wh5.9lbs372 x 122 x 80 mm$660
Bosch PowerTube 400In the frame: Horizontal/vertical36V11.0 Ah400 Wh6.3 lbs349 x 65 x 84 mm$650
Bosch PowerTube 500In the frame: Horizontal/vertical36V13.4 Ah500 Wh6.3 lbs349 x 65 x 84 mm$600
Bosch PowerTube 625In the frame: Horizontal/vertical36V16.7 Ah625 Wh7.7 lbs416 x 65 x 84 mm$720

Panasonic E-Bike Battery Prices

Image credit Panasonic Industry

Panasonic is a consumer electronics giant specializing in making products and components in multiple industries- automotive and aerospace supplier, TVs, radios, digital cameras, headphones and audio equipment, mobile phones, and of course, lithium-ion batteries.

Panasonic is a major partner with Tesla and is helped them to dramatically scale up battery production volumes in its Gigafactories worldwide. So it’s fair to say that they are a top supplier of lithium batteries globally, and this gives them a lot of credibility since they are responsible for dramatically scaling up the production of lithium-ion, thereby driving down costs and increasing adoption of the technology. This brings us to e-bike batteries. Panasonic is an e-bike battery supplier to multiple e-bike makers, including one of the global big bike manufacturers- Giant.

Let’s take a look at the typical prices that you can expect to pay when replacing Panasonic batteries on your e-bike. Panasonic offers four different battery types with multiple different energy capacities for each type.

Battery NameMounting type[1]Voltage[2]Capacity[3]Energy content WeightPrice[4]
Panasonic Semi-integrated battery– 288 WhIntegrated 36V8.0 Ah288 Wh5.51 lbs / 2.5kgCurrently not available
Panasonic Semi-integrated battery– 432 WhIntegrated36V12.0 Ah432 Wh7.5 lbs / 3.4kgCurrently not available
Panasonic Curved upright batteryFrame36V16 Ah576 Wh9.48lbs / 4.3kgCurrently not available
Panasonic Upright battery- 432 WhFrame36V12 Ah432 Wh7.05lbs / 3.2kgCurrently not available
Panasonic Upright battery- 540 WhFrame36V15 Ah540 Wh8.38 lbs / 3.8kgCurrently not available
Panasonic Upright battery- 648 WhFrame36V18 Ah648 Wh8.82 lbs / 4.4kgCurrently not available
Panasonic Rear carrier battery- 238 WhRack36V6.6 Ah238 Wh6.61 lbs / 3.0kgCurrently not available
Panasonic Rear carrier battery – 317 WhRack36V8.8 Ah317 Wh7.05lbs / 3.2kgCurrently not available
Panasonic Rear carrier battery – 396 WhRack36V11 Ah396 Wh8.16 lbs / 3.7kgCurrently not available
Panasonic Rear carrier battery – 486 WhRack36V13.5 Ah486 Wh8.82 lbs / 4 kgCurrently not available

Unfortunately, at the time of publication, Panasonic battery prices were hard to come by!

Brose E-Bike Battery Price

When it comes to electric bike components, Brose is a much smaller, less-known brand than Bosch. However, don’t let that put you off. They also offer high-quality components including batteries – at time of publication, they had just a single battery in their product line up.

Battery NameMounting type[1]Voltage[2]Capacity[3]Energy contentWeightSizePrice[4]
Brose Battery 630Frame36V17 Ah630 Wh8.37lbs387 x 84 x 72 mm$790

You can read the list of specifications for the battery here.

Shimano Steps E-Bike Battery

Shimano is another well-known electric bike supplier. Shimano Steps products can be found on a large range of e-bike brands. They offer 418 Wh, 504 Wh and 630 Wh batteries, and boast a range of up to 185 km on a single charge.

Battery NameMounting type[1]Voltage[2]Capacity[3]Energy contentWeightPrice[4]
Shimano Steps BT-E8014Frame, down tube36V11.6 Ah418 Wh5.62 lbs / 2.55 kg$500.99
Shimano Steps BT-E8010Frame, down tube36V14 Ah504 Wh5.73 lbs / 2.6 kg$599.99 – $610.99
Shimano Steps BT-E8020Frame, integrated36V14 Ah504 Wh6.72 lbs / 3.05 kg$654.99
Shimano Steps BT-E8035Frame, down tube36V14 Ah504 Wh6.39 lbs / 2.9 kg$719.99
Shimano Steps BT-E6000Rack36V11.6 Ah418 Wh5.69 lbs / 2.58 kg$569.99
Shimano Steps BT-E6001Rack36V14 Ah504 Wh5.84 lbs / 2.65 kgPrice not available
Shimano Steps BT-E6010Frame, down tube36V11.6 Ah418 Wh5.84 lbs / 2.65 kg$586.99
Shimano Steps BT-E8016Frame, down tube36V17.5 Ah630 Wh8 lbs / 3.65 kg$769.99 – $813.99
Shimano Steps BT-E8035-LFrame, integrated36V17.5 Ah504 Wh6.95 lbs / 3.15 kg$719.99
Shimano Steps BT-E8036Frame, integrated36V17.5 Ah630 Wh8.15 lbs / 3.7 kg$889.99

Yamaha E-Bike Battery Prices

Yamaha – the huge Japanese conglomerate famous for musical instruments and motorbikes is also a supplier of quality e-bike batteries. They offer eight separate battery types in 400Wh, 500Wh, and 600Wh variants.

Yamaha Multi Location 600Wh, image credit Yamaha
Battery NameMounting type[1]Voltage[2]Energy contentWeightPrice[4]
Yamaha External Crossover 500Frame, down tube36V500 Wh6.39 lbs/2.9 kgPrice not available
Yamaha Multi Location 400 WhMulti location36V410 Wh6.61 lbs /3 kgPrice not available
Yamaha Multi Location 500 WhMulti location36V500 Wh6.61 lbs /3 kgPrice not available
Yamaha Multi Location 600 WhMulti location36V600 Wh8.38 lbs/ 3.8 kgPrice not available
Yamaha Down Tube 400 WhFrame, down tube36V400 Wh6.39 lbs/2.9 kgPrice not available
Yamaha Down Tube 500 WhFrame, down tube36V500 Wh6.61 lbs /3 kgPrice not available
Yamaha Rear Carrier 400 WhRack36V400 Wh6.39 lbs/2.9 kgPrice not available
Yamaha Rear Carrier 500 WhRack36V500 Wh6.61 lbs /3 kgPrice not available

Unfortunately, at the time of publication, Yamaha battery prices were difficult to find publicly. This is likely because many of their customers are other e-bike OEMs, not end customers.

Other e-bike battery brands and unofficial vendors

Ok, so as we’ve seen batteries from major brands are not exactly cheap. So what other options are there? If you have the patience, you could try negotiating with an Alibaba vendor in China to custom order a battery pack for your specific e-bike. Here is a forum thread where an e-bike owner successfully got an unofficial, non-branded battery for a hefty discount compared to the official Yamaha price.

When it comes to fit and quality from a Chinese supplier – buyer beware! Your experience may not match the e-bike owner in that discussion thread. You may not necessarily get good quality battery cells from Samsung, Panasonic or LG.

DIY your own battery pack

Link to other battery article where this is mentioned

It’s possible to make your own DIY e-bike battery pack. This option is not for the faint of heart, as it requires sourcing cells and a BMS, soldering many parts and decent knowledge of electronics. However if you are a hardware hacker who fancies a challenge, this is a great way to save a significant amount compared to an official battery pack replacement.

E-Bike battery replacement

On average you can expect to need to replace your e-bike battery after anywhere from 2 to 4 years. However, by following some simple tips you can extend the life of your battery significantly. This lowers your total ownership cost of an electric bike- as we’ve seen above, new e-bike batteries are quite pricey.

Some tips include avoiding charging to 100% if possible, keeping the battery between 30-80% charge level when storing for longer periods, and try to store the battery in a cool place (between about 0 to 20C or about 32 to 68 Fahrenheit), out of the weather.

These tips help avoid overly stressing and overheating the battery, thereby greatly extending the battery life. You can get much more information and general knowledge on e-bike batteries in this article.


  1. See battery mounting positions for more information on common battery mounting configurations
  2. See here for basic information on e-bike battery voltage
  3. A basic explanation of Amp Hours with regard to e-bike batteries. How to calculate an e-bike’s run time based on the motor Wattage and battery capacity
  4. Prices correct at the time of publication

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