E-Bikes Make Cycling Easier- Here’s How

I’ve been riding e-bikes for over 3 years. I will offer some of my experiences on how exactly e-bikes make riding a bike easier.

E-bikes are easier to ride compared to normal bikes. You get a speed boost when you need it most, such as going up hills and starting from a red light. Most e-bikes are pedal assist, meaning you’ll only get a boost when you are already pedaling. This means that pedaling and braking work almost exactly like a normal bike.

Why People Actually Ride an E-Bike

People ride e-bikes for various reasons, but the main reason is to travel faster and further for less effort compared to a regular bicycle. Many mornings I would not have gotten on my bicycle if it were not an electric bicycle! 

The easiest way to understand how easy an electric bike is to use is to simply arrange for a test drive at your local bike shop. You could also ask a friend or co-worker for a test drive if you know someone who owns an electric bike. Spending 2 minutes on an e-bike is more effective than any amount of YouTube videos or blog articles could possibly convey. Some years ago, I allowed a co-worker to test out my e-bike at my workplace. He could not believe how effective it is to have an electric motor when cycling up a ramp in a parking garage. Therefore, if you were wondering how easy an electric bike is to drive, the most effective way to simply experience it for yourself. You will very quickly make a decision on whether an electric bike is right for you or not. 

There are other reasons why people love electric bicycles, which include getting additional exercise, saving money compared to other forms of transport, commuting and exercising in a socially distant manner and of course, having fun! After all, e-bikes are becoming really cool in recent years. So there are many reasons why an e-bike is worth considering

What are the main differences between a regular bike and an electric one from a cyclists’ point of view?

E-Bike controls – power selector and display. Copyright AmpedCycling

To understand why an e-bike is easier to ride than a normal bike, it’s helpful to understand the differences between an e-bike and a regular bike from a rider’s point of view. On an e-bike, you will have an on/off switch and a power level selector- that enables you to select the level of power boost from the battery. Since there is an on/off switch for the power boost, that means you can use an e-bike as a regular bike if you wish, or if the battery is empty. In the image above, the power switch and power level selector are located near the left handle circled in red. The power switch functions as you might expect, it simply switches on and off the power boost. Since my e-bike is a pedal assist, the power boost does not kick in until I actually start cycling. Therefore, I must switch on the power and start cycling to get the boost. 

The power select controls how much boost that I get. It is a pair of arrows – up and down, that allow me to select from 1 to 5, which is shown on the display. Number 1 is the lowest and 5 being the strongest power output setting. It is very simple to use, and many e-bikes function in the same way.

The other red circle in the middle of the handlebars is the display unit, which shows useful statistics such as the current boost level from 1 to 5, the speed, the remaining battery in distance (kilometers or miles), and other useful numbers.

These controls are very easy to use. I simply press the power button on,  select the desired power level,  and start cycling like you would on a normal bike. It couldn’t be much simpler than that! All other functions of an e-bike such as braking, turning, mounting and dismounting the bike function identically to a regular bike, so there are no differences to learn. 

One small difference is the difficulty of changing the rear tire, due to the fact that it is a rear hub motor e-bike. You can reduce the chance of getting a flat tire by getting puncture-resistant e-bike tires, which I really recommend.


Riding on an e-bike is as easy as riding on a regular bike, except you get a convenient power boost when you need it. The best way to see how easy an e-bike is to use is to simply test one for yourself, such as at a local bike shop. The controls for the power output are extremely easy to use. The power output only kicks in when you actually start cycling on most e-bikes (known as pedal assist), therefore pedaling works the same as on a regular bike. The other basic functions of an e-bike function are the same. So if you are concerned that learning to ride an e-bike will be a daunting challenge- don’t be! It was a lot more difficult to learn to ride a bike in the first place than adjusting to riding an e-bike. 

Happy cycling!

Nikolaj Carlsen

Nikolaj loves cycling! He currently owns two bikes. He used to commute to work with a car but switched to an e-bike in 2017. He loves e-bikes and sharing his knowledge on everything cycling related. He has been part of the Amped Cycling Team since early 2020.

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