Bags, Baskets and Storage

Storage is an important consideration for your e-bike, whether you use it for daily commutes or for occasional errands as I like to do, bringing your children to school (high-value cargo indeed!), or even heavy-duty uses like camping or hunting. There is a massive array of options for storing luggage and cargo on your e-bike- from small smartphone holders on your handlebars, all the way to large rear baskets and even bike trailers.


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The main bag options are panniers, which hang down low next to the rear wheels, bike frame bags, handlebar bags, saddlebags, and tube bags.

Bike Frame Bag

This Rhinowalk bag (Amazon link) is a great waterproof option for stashing smaller items within easy reach- your smartphone, cycling gels, wallet, bike pump, and more.

Handlebar Bag

Handlebar bags are great for storing smaller, lighter items within easy reach. Storing heavier items here will negatively affect your e-bikes handling.

This Rockbros Bikepacking Bike Handlebar Bag (Amazon) is a top notch, waterproof option.

Pannier Bags

Pannier bags are ideal for storing heavier, bulky items that weigh 20 to 50 pounds (9kg to 23kg). A big plus for using them is that the cargo weight hangs lower to the ground, improving balance. This is especially important in wet and slippery conditions. They are mounted on a rear rack over the back wheel.

This Roswheel Bike Pannier Bag has a 10-gallon capacity, is water-resistant, washable, has a carrying handle, and the top bag doubles as a handy backpack. It comes with a convenient rain cover too.


Racks are great for strapping up medium to large size items. They are great when you do not need immediate access to your cargo, particularly when carrying items during a longer biking tour or when camping.

Rear racks are particularly useful, I recommend them for use on any e-bike. You can either strap a bag to them directly or attach a basket to them to securely and quickly store items. I use a rear rack and basket on my e-bike.

This Ibera Bike Rack (Amazon) is a solid pick. It carries up to 55 pounds (25kg), is adjustable for many common e-bike sizes, and contains a splash guard for those wet commutes.


Baskets are quick and convenient for storing small or medium-sized items. I particularly recommend a rear basket for commuters- you can place your jacket, laptop bag, backpack, or other items in there quickly and start your morning commute quickly.

When I get to work, I put my helmet in the rear basket and loop my bike lock through the helmet straps- saving me the hassle of carrying my helmet into the office.

This Anzome Rear Bike Basket (Amazon) is a great choice, and it comes with a bonus waterproof cover. I own an almost identical metal basket for my e-bike. Its metal construction means it’s maintenance-free and will stand up to all kinds of abuse. You can plot items directly in the basket, strap bulky items in with paracord and hooks (Amazon) through the holes, or put a basket cover over the basket when it’s raining to keep the contents dry.

Trailer for Cargo

Thule Trailer with some Valuable Cargo!

For occasionally hauling large, heavy items, such as a full assortment of groceries, going on a school run with up to two kids, or transporting your dog, a trailer is a great option without going the full hog and buying a cargo bike. It also offers great flexibility, since you can simply detach it when it’s not needed.

High-quality trailers are not cheap, since they are designed with rollover protection in mind to protect children sitting in them. However, you can use certain models as a baby stroller for walking, jogging, and even skiing!

The Thule Coaster XT (Amazon) is an excellent choice for a multipurpose e-bike trailer.

How to Choose the Right Storage Options for You

There are some considerations to bear in mind when selecting bags or baskets for your e-bike.

Typical Storage Needs

Think carefully about the typical usage you have for your e-bike. If you are looking to stash your smartphone and work laptop, a handlebar-mounted smartphone holder and a rear basket for a backpack or laptop may be enough. If you’re running small errands, some rear panniers or a rear-mounted basket may be just the ticket.

If you’re camping or hunting, you may wish to consider front and rear-mounted racks, with plenty of bags to carry a large haul of items.

Accessibility when Sitting on the E-Bike

If accessibility when sitting on the bike is a priority, consider storage options that attach to the handlebars or to the bike’s top tube. Options here include a tube bag- ideal for displaying a navigation app on your smartphone, or a front basket – ideal for popping in small items when commuting or running errands.