Smartphone Holders

A smartphone holder is a must-have accessory for many e-bike owners- especially useful for having navigation apps visible and for fitness tracking apps.

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The smartphone holder that I recommend is the Visnfa New Bike Phone Mount (Amazon). It has stainless steel clamp arms that won’t buckle or deform easily, unlike many of the plastic or rubber holders which are likely to wear out quickly.

Top Tube Smartphone Holder

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If your handlebars don’t have enough space for the smartphone clamp above or you’re concerned about exposing your smartphone to the elements, this smartphone frame bag (Amazon) is a great choice.

This top tube bag straps to most e-bike frames with velcro straps. It’s made from an EVA hard shell, to protect your smartphone from the elements and bumps, and scratches. It has raised ridges to block the glare from the screen, and the outer layer is waterproof polyester and contains a seamless waterproof double zippers design. Underneath the smartphone window is plenty of space for smaller items like a flashlight, external phone battery banks, toolkit, keys, wallet, and a small bike pump.